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What are Guaranteed Players and Plugins?

Typically, most hosting providers tend to manage a 'price-per-GB' business model, where they charge a fixed amount of money per every GB of RAM the server comes provisioned with. While this might work well for most customers, it comes with some drawbacks.

The first and most trivial drawback to detect is that this model generates an unnecessary amount of increased 'friction' for customers that don't know much about the technical side of server hosting. Eventually, customers that fall in this category tend to end up skipping providers that use this 'jargan' and choosing other options that might not necessarily be the best fit for them.

Another drawback is the generation of a very popular and widespread misconception that exists within the Minecraft community, where 'More RAM equals More Performance'. While this statement might be true for a very specific case scenario, it isn't by any means a 'rule of thumb', applicable to all situations. In fact, due to this misconception, most customers end up paying for server resources that they might never end up using, causing confusion.

At CodeNode, we considered these two main drawbacks as the foundation of our business model. We are constantly trying to make Minecraft server hosting as easy and trivial to understand as it can possibly be for all audiences by stripping off most of the friction-causing technical 'slang' from your view, replacing it with equally transparent, more easily readable and understandable terms.

Instead of throwing you into a pool of resources and letting you figure out the rest, we designed what we call a 'Semi-Managed' hosting service. Whenever you rent a server from us, you'll be provided with information regarding the Guaranteed Players and Plugins your server comes provisioned with. Let's dive into these terms a little bit further.

Guaranteed Players refers to the maximum amount of players we promise your server will be able to handle at any time with an optimal gameplay experience. If at any time this promise isn't met, our team will intervene directly to assess the cause of the problem and implement a fix as soon as possible. You'll be informed when we detect, intervene and fix the issue. This is the 'Managed' part of the service.

Guaranteed Plugins refers to the maximum amount of plugins we promise your server will be able to handle at any time with an optimal gameplay experience. If at any time this promise isn't met, our team will intervene directly to assess the cause of the problem and notify you of what's causing it. Since most plugins affect gameplay, we'll refrain from modifying any plugin-related files unless we're given explicit authorization from you.

You're free to use your server however you want to, as long as our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Fair Use Policy are followed. You can allow more players than the guaranteed amount to join your server and you can install more plugins than the guaranteed amount into it. While we'll of course do our best to keep up and provide you with useful information about your server, we can't guarantee an optimal experience outside our 'promise zone', so our support might not be able to intervene directly in these cases. This is the 'Semi' part of the service.

If you have any further questions regarding our model, please don't hesitate in opening a ticket. We'll be glad to help you and figure out the best server options for you!

Supposing the latest Minecraft version is used. Server performance of at least 16 TPS at any given time is considered an optimal gameplay experience. If not met, the server instance will become ‘Managed’, and CodeNode staff will attempt to solve the issue up to 48 hours after the instance becomes ‘Managed’. If CodeNode staff is unable to detect and solve the issue, a refund for the server’s remaining billing period will be issued.

Due to the unpredictable nature of mods, we limit our promises to plugins only. You're welcome to use mods with server software options like Fabric, Forge or Modrinth - however, doing so will automatically void the 'Managed' service offers provided by our promise model.

Updated on: 03/02/2024

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